No More Excuses!

Posted on: May 30, 2009

Less than two more months and we will be done with all the exams.


(Feels so good using that word.)

Because for us students that means :

Freedom. Enjoying the summer (without having too worry about a presentation). Going to the beach. Relaxing. Travelling.

That last keyword leads me to today’s topic of CAMPING (of course that was totally accidental…).


For my part I can say that I’ve never been camping before. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know.

Of course, I’ve already slept in a tent. But not for more than two days in a row…It’s probably not just my thing. I need a real bed and enough space for all the stuff I’m taking with me when I’m travelling.

(Believe me, I always have to unpack before a flight because the scale’s hitting above the 20kg limit).

But there’s some hope that I finally will be going camping thanks to Stephanie Bellanger, Amaury Watine, François Gustin & David Dethoor:

Working as product designers, they created the mobile mini house.

That might sound like a playhouse for kids that can be taken on the road but that absolutely wouldn’t cover the sheer magnitude of their invention.

The mobile mini house, that is also called the “252° Living Area”, comes with a trailer and is able to fan out to overall five individual, spacious sections:

a bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen and an office.

Those can be set up pretty easily with the helkp of mobile floors and walls for each unit.

Due to the 252° design, the expandable house offers a lot of storage space. (How on earth do they know that this is exactly what I need?!)

In order to check out the other units visit this site!

In case some of you were wondering: The house comes with a shell/screen that can be wrapped around the units in order to block the view from nosy peepers…

So tell me:

What do you think about this house?!

Well, I think I don’t have any excuses not to go camping this summer…




3 Responses to "No More Excuses!"

ohhh, I really hate sleeping in tents. I have tried it a couple of times and always found it horrible….especially when it’s raining and something is drilling into you back….

This looks more like my style ;) Especially after using 14m long mobile home in Colorado. However, this looks a bit more practical as it is not sooooo big.

dont like that its not enclosed (everything is just out in the open.. but still good idea

Here’s a good question, where can you buy it? I will give a 25$ finders fee to anyone who tells me. Seriously!

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