Scri-Scru-Scrabble Time!

Posted on: June 11, 2009

Imagine it is summer.

(Okay, not too hard, I know.)

Imagine further, you just had a lavish meal and are about to go to the park to meet some of your friends who’re really in the mood for some activity.

Now what do you do? Since you feel like a southern right whale you’d rather like to sit down and relax. But your friends insist on playing something.

Here’s the perfect compromise: The Scrabble Outdoor Game!

A couple from Ohio, Jane and Keith Crane, who are enthusiastic aficionados of the world’s most popular board game, weren’t satisfied anymore with just sitting inside and gambling. So they recreated the game, but in a supersized dimension!

On an 8 feet board, Keith framed 225 pavers, laid in a bend of sand in their backyard.

Jane then created token by taking tiles and painting them in their respective colours according to their point value.

So now, they can enjoy the warm summer breeze while coming up with crazy words, such as “zealotry”.

Only sometimes, they have to watch out for their dog that has the habit of running across the board…

In my opinion, it will only be a matter of time until the outdoor scrabble will hit the stores.

If you can’t wait that long: Put on your dungaree, lock yourself in the hobby room and don’t get out before you’ve finished all the 225 letter tiles…

For those of you who stick to the original version of scrabble, I found some interesting links:

On this site they are some proposals if you’re looking for example for words with “Q” but without “U”.

What a nice way to broaden your vocabulary. Check it out!

There’s even the scrabble word finder if you’re playing scrabble online. You just type in the letters you’ve got and ten seconds it later it will show you all the possible words you can create from that!

Now that’s sneaky…

Enjoy the game!


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