Please Take a Seat!

Posted on: June 21, 2009

Probably all of you know those garden swings right?!

For me and my sister it’s always fun to build up our grandparents’ swing when summer finally arrives. (This year, unfortunately, I was absent when my sister did her annual routine. And as I returned and was about to take a seat, she shooed me away and said: “You’re not allowed to sit on it because you didn’t help me building it up…” (If you’re reading this right now, sweetheart: I love you, too!)

But have you ever thought about an indoor swing?

Just taking your couch, attaching two resilient ropes and fixing it to the ceiling?

Too bad for you.

Francesco Rota for Paola Lenti had the same idea and designed the Wabi Lawn Swing.

The featured ropes are hand-woven with a very durable yarn in order to guarantee that the swing won’t crash down if you’re swinging too hard. (At least, that’s what the manufacturer says. No liability assumed on my side…)

For the fashion-conscious people among you, (I guess that’s the majority, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading my blog…) the ropes can be ordered in different colours to match your specific home decoration. Now, that’s clever!

If you should now decide to spoil yourself and buy this eye catcher, check out this link.

Please let me now when it has arrived, so that I can come round to try it out!

If the swing sofa sounds too precarious for you, but still you don’t want to refrain from “adventurous living”, you should go for Gaetano Pesce’s “Montanara” sofa.

For more of his amazing collection of beautiful landscape furniture, go to this site.


2 Responses to "Please Take a Seat!"

yeah i want to have one!! looks pretty cozy and might make studying easier….

that’s cool, I like it. I would love to get one for the living room in my future house.

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