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I dont‘ know about you, but I can say that I love to shower very lengthily. (Please, don’t tell my dad, he’s always surprised at our monthly water bill…)

And now I proudly present you a gadget that will make all water rats (sounds too German?! I know, but this word really exists…) stand under the shower even longer.

An LED shower head!

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If I had three wishes, the first thing I would tell the magic fairy is that I’ve always dreamt of being able to fly: Just floating weightlessly through the air, feeling as light as a feather (even if one sometimes feels as heavy as blue whale…)

(By the way, if you wanna know the other two wishes I would go for, just scroll down a bit and use your imagination…hint: meeting ***)

Anyway. Flying. Right. Getting back on track.

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Hey you techies out there!

Are you geared up for some more fancy stuff?

I just came across something that I have NEVER heard of before.

But maybe, that’s because I had no clue that someone could come up with such an invention.

Okay, sorry, I tend to waffle a lot. But that’s because of my genes…

Anyway: There’s something called a rollable/foldable keyboard.

No, not that piano-like keyboard, but the keyboard for you laptop or PC.

It is made out of silicone (Hollywood’s plastic surgeons know what I’m talking about) and is splashproof, robust and dust-protected (important to know for all the allergy-sufferers amongst you).

Note to myself: It’s also easy to clean…(I hate myself when I am having a cookie and find the crumbs three years later between my laptop keys, already a bit moldy…)

It can be easily plugged into your PC via USB-connection.

It also has built-in key illumination which can come in handy if you’re sitting in the pitch-black forest with your 55 kilogramm PC and your 180 gramm rollable keyboard, finishing your first novel.

A situation that is very likely to occur…

But you never know. So, you better get it today before it’s sold out.

Even if it seems like it; I’m not getting any commission for every item sold. All I’m trying to do is increase the purchasing power and boost our economy…

Do you live on your own? Do you find it hard to create enough free space in your teeny-tiny student pad?

If your answer is yes: Keep on reading. I got something very interesting for you.

If your answer is no: Go get yourself a drink and don’t waste your time with reading this boring post. Read the rest of this entry »

Hey, this is trendavenue speaking.

This blog was born today as a task of my business applications course at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

I am eager to give you the latest trends and developments in different kinds of areas, such as fashion, food, books and movies, and high-tech.

Posts will be regular, so that you are always up-to-date, and have something to talk about when you’re running out of topics in a boring smalltalk. (Happens to me all the time.) :-)

Stay tuned for more of the latest trends!

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