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Jeggings! You’ve got 100 euro and the washing machine!

Seriously. I was kind of neglecting the fashion aspect on my trend blog.

But the other day I was reading about the new trend introduced by the famous British chain “Topshop”.

Jeggings combine the ever-lasting trend of leggings (either you hate or love them, right?) and the classical jeans: Read the rest of this entry »


Probably all of you know those garden swings right?!

For me and my sister it’s always fun to build up our grandparents’ swing when summer finally arrives. (This year, unfortunately, I was absent when my sister did her annual routine. And as I returned and was about to take a seat, she shooed me away and said: “You’re not allowed to sit on it because you didn’t help me building it up…” (If you’re reading this right now, sweetheart: I love you, too!)

But have you ever thought about an indoor swing?

Just taking your couch, attaching two resilient ropes and fixing it to the ceiling?

Too bad for you.

Francesco Rota for Paola Lenti had the same idea and designed the Wabi Lawn Swing. Read the rest of this entry »

Less than two more months and we will be done with all the exams.


(Feels so good using that word.)

Because for us students that means :

Freedom. Enjoying the summer (without having too worry about a presentation). Going to the beach. Relaxing. Travelling.

That last keyword leads me to today’s topic of CAMPING (of course that was totally accidental…).


For my part I can say that I’ve never been camping before. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know.

Of course, I’ve already slept in a tent. But not for more than two days in a row…It’s probably not just my thing. I need a real bed and enough space for all the stuff I’m taking with me when I’m travelling.

(Believe me, I always have to unpack before a flight because the scale’s hitting above the 20kg limit).

But there’s some hope that I finally will be going camping thanks to Stephanie Bellanger, Amaury Watine, François Gustin & David Dethoor:

Working as product designers, they created the mobile mini house.

That might sound like a playhouse for kids that can be taken on the road but that absolutely wouldn’t cover the sheer magnitude of their invention.

Read the rest of this entry »

If I had three wishes, the first thing I would tell the magic fairy is that I’ve always dreamt of being able to fly: Just floating weightlessly through the air, feeling as light as a feather (even if one sometimes feels as heavy as blue whale…)

(By the way, if you wanna know the other two wishes I would go for, just scroll down a bit and use your imagination…hint: meeting ***)

Anyway. Flying. Right. Getting back on track.

Have you ever heard of JUKARI? Read the rest of this entry »

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