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Hey everyone! Long time no see!

Hope everything’s fine and you can enjoy summer (sorta…)

Well, let me say the following. In times of crises just like these days, have you ever considered growing your own vegetables, herbs or fruits?

This year, we had the most humongous strawberries and still have these huge raspberries. And guess what? It’s obviously not the same as those overpriced, imported and genetically modified rubbish you get in the supermarket.

So, even if you just have a balcony, why not simply cultivate some fine garden herbs that will spice up every meal?!

If any of you were wondering about my inspiration for this post, let me show you the following pic: Read the rest of this entry »


So, do you know what happens May, 14 , right!?

Oh come on, think harder.

I’ll give you a hint: It has got something to do with a special person who was in Berlin recently.

Got it? You should have.

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll tell you now.

On May, 14 Zac Efron’s new movie is coming out in Germany! Finally, because I bet that’s all what you guys have been waiting for!

So, if you don’t know what to with your free time (happens to me all the time…) grab a friend (or a schnitzel…you don’t have to get that, it’s an insider joke…) and have a terrific movie night with some delicious eye candy.

Please do my a favour and watch it in the original language version otherwise you’ll get a distorted impression of Zac because his voice in the German version is almost 4 octaves higher than in reality.

Do you know what sticks to me the most after having watched that movie?

It’s one scene in particular.

In reponse to what he’s eating Zac says: ” I don’t even know, all I know is that I’m hungry…[squirts Cheez-Whiz into his mouth]…all the time.”

Might sound lame now, but the scene is priceless!


Zac Efron has just been named one of the top 100 most influential people by Times magazine. Zac- who!? Never heard this name before!?

Let me change that in two minutes.

Zachary David Alexander Efron, 21, who became famous with the successful franchise “High School Musical”, is one of the hottest and most idolised teen stars nowadays.

Born and raised in sunny California, he enjoyed a very unspectacular upbringing. His father worked as an engineer at a local power plant, his mother as a secretary. Since he annoyed his parents with his constat singing day after day after day, they decided to enroll their son in the local community theatre where it became obvious that the future will shine bright for young Zac.

After small roles in Emergency room and CSI Miami, the year we’re in is: 2005. Read the rest of this entry »

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