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Hey guys,

I am so truly deeply sorry of having disappointed you. It won’t happen again. Due to a lack of time and ideas (add a tiny lil’ bit of laziness) I did not update for quite a while..

But now: It’s time to start walking with me again down that Trendavenue! For sure!

Before I stop waffling and start writing about today’s topic (little innuendo already in the title…) let me quickly say thank you to my cousin who encouraged me to write a new post otherwise she would have refused to check out Trendavenue. And special thanks to a very good friend of mine who showed me one of the most energetic videos of all time that left me ABSOULTELY speechless.

Kudos to those who feel addressed now…Let me know if you have read this, will ya?!

But enough of keeping you on tenterhooks: Here is the praised video (You HAVE to watch it till the end! Promise!)

I still get a goose-bumps every time I see it. Read the rest of this entry »


Hey everyone! Long time no see!

Hope everything’s fine and you can enjoy summer (sorta…)

Well, let me say the following. In times of crises just like these days, have you ever considered growing your own vegetables, herbs or fruits?

This year, we had the most humongous strawberries and still have these huge raspberries. And guess what? It’s obviously not the same as those overpriced, imported and genetically modified rubbish you get in the supermarket.

So, even if you just have a balcony, why not simply cultivate some fine garden herbs that will spice up every meal?!

If any of you were wondering about my inspiration for this post, let me show you the following pic: Read the rest of this entry »

Whenever I was sharpening my pencil in primary school with those old-fashioned sharpeners (nowadays they are so much more elaborate), I always didn’t know what to do with the crumbs...

In an unobserved moment, I let them inconspicuously disappear under my table. Now that I’m thinking about it, it becomes clear why the cleaning lady always complaint about our class room being the dirtiest…

Some innovative people, however, found a method to use these pencil crumbs and created remarkable pieces of jewelry, in finest sterling silver. Read the rest of this entry »

I dont‘ know about you, but I can say that I love to shower very lengthily. (Please, don’t tell my dad, he’s always surprised at our monthly water bill…)

And now I proudly present you a gadget that will make all water rats (sounds too German?! I know, but this word really exists…) stand under the shower even longer.

An LED shower head!

Wanna now more? Okay, here are the most important facts: Read the rest of this entry »

Do you live on your own? Do you find it hard to create enough free space in your teeny-tiny student pad?

If your answer is yes: Keep on reading. I got something very interesting for you.

If your answer is no: Go get yourself a drink and don’t waste your time with reading this boring post. Read the rest of this entry »

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According to, the number of people choosing to travel alone has increased astoundingly in the last ten years.

But what exactly is it that makes so many people decide to travel on their own?

It’s the allurement of the unknown, the independence, the simple freedom of not having to care for fellow travellers.

Travel agents, hotels and other companies throughout the travel and tourism industry are recognising that there’s money to be made by offering exciting destinations to solo travellers at prices that are decent. It’s the travellers that stipulate the new developments in the market.

It’s not too surprising. We live alone, we work alone, why not travel alone? (Source)

The best alternatives of expensive hotels are couchsurfing or hostels which offer affordable rooms with breakfast.

If you don’t fancy boring hostels I can highly recommend the Sand Hotel in England, the Ice Hotel in Sweden or The Tsala Treetop Lodge in South Africa!!!

Read the rest of this entry »

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